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Screen Grabs: When Theaters Transition to Digital Projection, What’s Lost?

Say it’s 1975. You’re a movie-loving entrepreneur and want to open your own cinema. Couldn’t be that hard, right? Find yourself an auditorium, some padded seats, put up a screen, buy a ton of popcorn—oh, and you’ll need a projector, but nothing too highfalutin. The 35-millimeter film they were projecting 20 years ago is the same [...]

E Street and Bethesda Row Theaters Convert to All-Digital Projection

If you were at the AFI this weekend to catch Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master, you were witness to a dying bit of cinema history.
It’s not the 70mm film format that Anderson used to shoot his "Scientology movie"; given that The Master is the first narrative feature shot in that large, gloriously detailed format in [...]

This Weekend in Film: Farewell at Bethesda Row

The director Christian Carion's latest film, Farewell, opens this weekend at Bethesda Row Cinema. Benjamin R. Freed reviewed it in April when it showed as part of Filmfest D.C.:
Farewell, which gets its title from the code name of a KGB turncoat who gave Soviet intelligence to France in the early 1980s, would like to be [...]