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ToDo ToDay: Moth, Church Night’s Anniversary, and the Best of D.C. Fête

Writers turn to teenage characters because their extreme emotion is rife for drama, especially when they’re in a new, surprising situation. Australian playwright Declan Greene continues in this tradition with Moth, a dark comedy about two high school losers who embark on a weird adventure. Sebastian, a dork obsessed with anime, sees a vision of St. [...]

ToDo ToDay: Best of D.C. Fête! Gems and Ploy at the Gibson Guitar Showroom!

For a Rust Belt city, Bethlehem, Pa., has fared relatively well. By the time Bethlehem Steel ceased manufacturing in the 1990s, the local economy was already less reliant on it—aided by its proximity to New York and Philadelphia, the growth of local colleges, and a modest tourism industry. The city’s emphasis on entertainment is most [...]