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Realizing Madoff

The new script for Imagining Madoff has many of the things that were present the first time Theater J planned its staging. Talmudic excerpts. Meditations on the New York Mets. Lapidary dialogue verging on poetry. And a hauntingly wrought Madoff character, a notorious but little-known villain through whom playwright Deb Margolin delivers a portrait of [...]

The Show That Went On: Imagining Madoff at Stageworks/Hudson, Witnessed

[Ed. note: Thanks to the legal team of Elie Wiesel, our critic was unable to attend Imagining Madoff on 16th street as previously planned. Instead, he had to hoof it to Hudson, N.Y.]
Deb Margolin's button-pushing character study of Bernie Madoff never got a chance to open Theater J's 2010-11 season, but a modified version of [...]

Imagining Madoff, sans Elie Wiesel, Opens This Week in New York

We probably won't know for a while whether Imagining Madoff will return to Theater J for its 2011-2012 season. Here's what Artistic Director Ari Roth told me this spring, not long after Theater J announced it would not be staging the play after its writer, Deb Margolin, walked: "I will produce that play in September [...]

Imagining Madoff: Elie Wiesel, Theater J, and This Week’s Cover Story

D.C.'s Theater J may have backed down from placing fictionalized versions of Bernie Madoff and Elie Wiesel on the same stage, but for this week's City Paper, we were happy to place them on the same cover. Film and Theater Editor Ted Scheinman and I wrote this week's cover story, in which we reconstruct the [...]