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Chasing and Imagining Bernard Madoff

The timing of the documentary Chasing Madoff, which opened today at E Street Cinema, couldn't be more appropriate for D.C. audiences. The new film, directed by Jeff Prosserman, follows the case laid out by Harry Markopolos, the Boston-based investment adviser who first suspected something was off with the returns delivered by Bernard Madoff's securities firm in [...]

Imagining Madoff Will Open Theater J’s 2011-2012 Season

Deb Margolin's Imagining Madoff, as you probably remember, never opened the 2010-2011 season of Theater J as originally intended. The play—a freewheeling inquiry into the mind and morality of Bernard Madoff that invented a booze-soaked encounter between the disgraced financier and the humanitarian icon Elie Wiesel—was derailed after Wiesel threatened legal action against the theater, taking [...]