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How’d D.C. Do in Pazz + Jop?

The results of The Village Voice's annual Pazz + Jop poll—aka the annual compendium of critical opinion that, given that it drops a month after every other top 10 list, only music scribes truly care about—are out. But how did D.C. do?
First, the albums list: Wild Flag, the so-punk-rock/kinda-classicist supergroup featuring two-thirds of Sleater-Kinney and D.C.'s own [...]

Jonathan L. Fischer’s 10 Best Local Tracks of 2011

Weird year, 2011. D.C.'s most visible band released an app, not an album. Its great rap hope released an album that was disappointing in critics' eyes, but which cemented him as a mainstream presence. Dischord returned to relevance with a handful of new albums and handsome archival releases; new labels formed; and Sockets remained the [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Burberry-Clad

For a pair of mildly funky dudes, D.C.- and Berlin-based producers Benoit & Sergio have pretty aristocratic taste. In a recent feature for the website Magnetic, the gents behind this year’s fabulous “Principles”/“Everybody” EP take readers on a tour of Washington, keeping a little too close to the Burberry-clad sections of town: To Benoit, Dupont [...]

Arts Roundup: Walk and Talk Edition

Hitch-62: Christopher Hitchens, the best-selling/hard-partying polemicist and Washington author, died yesterday in Houston, Vanity Fair announced. He had Stage 4 esophageal cancer. Already tributes are pouring in: No surprise, given that Hitchens closely documented his own decline in health in essays and interviews; he was clearly near the end. Here's Christopher Buckley's sendoff. I found one by [...]

Benoit & Sergio Should Just Be Pop Stars

While versions have been bopping around the Internet for a while now, kinda-local duo Benoit & Sergio officially released a couple of strong new tracks on DFA this week, "Principles" and "Everybody." The new material confirms that the pair, despite living on different continents, has gradually crafted a signature sound: non-bombastic, pop-driven deep house set [...]