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Blues Alley Closes for Repairs, Cancels Some Shows

It's been a rough month for jazz clubs. Bohemian Caverns remains closed for repairs after a freak car accident penetrated its exterior wall. Then, beginning this week, shows listed on Blues Alley's website were suddenly canceled, with ticketholders offered refunds.
The culprit, says Blues Alley owner Harry Schnipper, is repair work that the club had been [...]

Benny Sharoni at Blues Alley Canceled

If you read the most recent Jazz Setlist, you may have seen our go-see-him-if-you're-not-doing-something-electiony-on-Election-Day endorsement of Benny Sharoni, the Israeli-born tenor saxophonist who was playing tonight at Blues Alley. Well, now you don't have to worry about it anymore.
"I'm sorry to tell you that the great saxophonist Benny Sharoni has to reschedule his Blues Alley [...]