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Living Legends: Jazz Setlist, April 23-29

Hear big-band music from local universities and see Andrew White perform A Love Supreme.

Jazz Setlist, March 21-27: Corey Wallace’s DUBtet, Charles Lloyd, Benny Golson, Ensemble Volcanic Ash

Thursday, March 21
The trombonist and composer Grachan Moncur III is one of the unsung heroes of jazz. A man who first toured with Ray Charles, he then became a regular in New York hard bop—a sideman for Benny Golson, Sonny Rollins, and Jackie McLean. The latter served as his transition into the '60s New Thing, [...]

Byrdland: Why Donald Byrd Mattered to Jazz, Its Legitimacy, and D.C.

When news of Donald Byrd’s death was finally confirmed by major news outlets on Monday, it had been four days since his nephew by marriage, the jazz pianist Alex Bugnon, had announced his passing on Facebook. Byrd—a trumpeter, composer, educator, and National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Master who was the founding director of Howard [...]

Jazz Setlist, December 15-21: Triumphant Returns

Friday, December 16
Last year, when Bohemian Caverns brought Benny Golson, one of those octogenarian jazz musicians who's achieved unquestionable living legend status, onto its venerable little bandstand, I wrote that the club had scored "an enormous coup....If you miss this, folks, you're doing it wrong and that's that." Which was true. Golson is one of [...]

Jazz Setlist, Dec. 9-15: Benny Golson! And Other Things

Thursday, Dec. 9
It stands to reason that the son of John Clayton (of the legendary Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra) would be one of the slickest, most accomplished musicians on the scene. But pianist Gerald Clayton is a lot more than that. The 26-year-old has all the requisite training and finesse in classical and jazz, but tops [...]

Jazz Setlist, May 6-12: Cancellation Consolations

Alas! Originally scheduled this weekend was what promised to be one of the coolest concerts in memory: the legendary Benny Golson, tenor saxophonist and composer extraordinaire, in the bustling-yet-intimate atmosphere of Bohemian Caverns. Benny canceled. A bummer, since he was by far the biggest show of the week. But we can take heart in the [...]