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ToDo ToDay: Flaming Scorpion Bowls!

In 1966, Benjamin Bellas’ uncle was lost at sea while serving in the Vietnam War. But in 1982, when the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was unveiled, his uncle’s name was missing from the wall. Nearly 50 years after his uncle’s death, and a little less than a year after his name was finally added to the [...]

At Flashpoint, Benjamin Bellas Uses Objects to Convey Absence

In Benjamin Bellas’ show at Flashpoint, “Losing Something You Never Had,” the idea of loss is conveyed, paradoxically, with tangible objects. It includes artifacts belonging to the artist’s uncle, who was lost at sea during the Vietnam War, alongside Bellas’ own work, which was inspired by his uncle—or rather, his ongoing presence in Bellas’ life.
Though [...]