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Living Legends: Jazz Setlist, April 23-29

Hear big-band music from local universities and see Andrew White perform A Love Supreme.

Jazz Setlist, March 20-26: Potpourri

Friday, March 21
Legendary guitarist Pat Metheny has said that he is attempting to develop his Unity Band into "a platform that could cover the entire spectrum of things that I've done as a bandleader over the years, under one roof." If you know Metheny's oeuvre, think for a second about what he's saying. The entire [...]

D.C. Native Ben Williams Shares in “Best Instrumental Jazz Album” Grammy Win

Everything's coming up Milhouse for Ben Williams. The 28-year-old bassist, who grew up in Michigan Park, was already racking up an impressive jazz résumé when he won the 2009 Thelonious Monk International Jazz Bass Competition. As a result, he won a recording contract with Concord Records, which subsequently released his debut album State of Art [...]

Jazz Setlist, Oct. 11-17: Five Spot

UPDATE 10/12/12: Location for Sunday's D.C. Jazz Loft has been changed (see below).
An extended edition: There's too much music to cover in the usual format. Off we go!
Thursday, October 11
Setlist has given many hosannas to Robert Glasper, the 34-year-old pianist with pedigrees in both jazz and hip-hop, who might be the finest keyboard player of [...]

DC Jazz Festival: A Post-Mortem

The 2012 DC Jazz Festival landed amid a perfect storm. From the opening of The Hamilton—maybe the best thing ever to happen to the festival, but more on that later—and the reopening of the Howard Theatre to the increasing confidence and imagination of CapitalBop and the accession of Jazz at the Atlas to the proliferation of [...]

Jazz Setlist, Sep. 22-28: The Caucus

Thursday, Sep. 22
It's the stealth jazz event of the year, the in-the-know concert that more often than not proves just how many people in this town are well-informed when it comes to jazz. Yes, every year the Congressional Black Caucus hosts its legislative conference in downtown Washington, bringing in leaders of the African-American community from [...]

Jazz Setlist: Gigantic

Friday, June 30
Janine Gilbert-Carter has a gigantic voice. There's no better word, and it must be written (and said) in italics: Gigantic. Moreover, it's overflowing with soul; let there be no question that Gilbert-Carter has her roots in gospel, having sung in the church since her childhood in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. The intensity of [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Sweetgreen’s Cultural Strategy, Thievery Corporation, Merchant of Venice

Sadie Dingfelder has this week's cover with her look at Sweetgreen, the local chain that's gone from selling $9 salads to booking The Strokes. Ally Schweitzer leads the arts section with an essay about another group packaging music and hospitality: Thievery Corporation, which has remade D.C. nightlife but still sounds homeless on its albums. Bob [...]

Jazz Setlist, Apr. 14-20: Young Blood, Old Guard

Friday, April 15: It's not a stretch to call Ben Williams the pride of the current D.C. jazz scene. A native of Michigan Park, Williams grew up playing bass with the District's own Jolley Brothers, worked with Thad Wilson and Paul Carr, and studied with Michael Bowie and the Ellington School of the Arts' Carolyn [...]

Jazz Setlist, July 15-21: William Hooker, Com Voce, and More

Thursday, July 15
Experimental music is an ivory tower. Its practitioners have gigantic status inside the field, and by and large can't get arrested outside of it. So when I say that William Hooker is a major figure, it will no doubt come as a surprise to some. Nonetheless, Hooker is a major figure. He's a [...]