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Arts Roundup: President Underwood Edition

Plus: Giant illuminated bunnies are coming to The Yard.

Was Booking Anthony Braxton a Sign That Kennedy Center Is Getting Gutsier?

There's little to add to Ben Ratliff's wide-lens New York Times review of Anthony Braxton's Saturday night concert at the Kennedy Center. There is, however, a section of the review that may merit some closer attention:
Many knew in a general sense what they were coming for. Mr. Braxton, 67, is an American musical force with [...]

Has the Pushback Begun?

On Sunday, the New York Times ran an article about Jim O'Rourke, an underground overachiever who, in addition to recording his own solo music, has played in Sonic Youth and Gastr Del Sol, and worked in various other capacities with Wilco, Joanna Newsom, and Superchunk.
His latest project is the new solo album The Visitor, a [...]