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Much Ado About Nothing Goes 1950s Vegas at Synetic Theater

Sequined bras, showgirls, and strip poker, anyone?

Paradise Tossed: Synetic’s Genesis Reboot, Reviewed

You can take the Bible's Genesis story any number of ways, even if you don't take it religiously. Humans contaminated by knowledge? Metaphorically speaking, that could easily apply to a range of shifts in human experience, from the evolution of consciousness to society's growth from a nomadic lifestyle to an agrarian one or to simply [...]

Synetic Launches New Movements Series With Genesis Reboot

Synetic Theater is so frequently lauded for its innovative physical performances, you could imagine the troupe getting comfortable in the (mostly silent) theatrical language it's innovated since forming in 2001.
But Synetic is still expanding its onstage vocabulary, which should be evident in its "New Movements" series launching this week. "I think that people are going to [...]