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ToDo ToDay: “Ten Freedom Summers,” Latino Art, Carl Craig, and Sparks

Setting Lyndon Johnson’s ambitious social policies to music seems equal parts brainy and boring. But Wadada Leo Smith’s jazz piece about the “Great Society” programs comes from a place more personal than political; it’s a portion of Ten Freedom Summers, his magnum opus dedicated to moments in the Civil Rights movement. Read more >>> Wadada Leo Smith [...]

ToDo ToDay: The 25 Project, Titus Andronicus, and Crafty Bastards

Brandon Hill and Peter Chang didn’t start their buzzed-about art and lifestyle company No Kings Collective at the District of Columbia Arts Center (DCAC), but they did get their start there. To help celebrate the upcoming 25th anniversary of DCAC, No Kings Collective has organized The 25 Project. The two-day exhibition features 25 D.C. artists, [...]

One Track Mind: Bella Russia, Epaulet

Standout Track: No. 4, “Ambergris.” A trio with an occasionally noodly and pulsing post-rock sound, Arlington’s Bella Russia favors instrumentals, with brothers Alex and Josh Braden on guitar and drums and Nathan Mitchell on bass. On its recent Epaulet EP, the almost two-year-old band sounds grown-up, lush, and intriguingly snarled.
Musical Motivation: Ambergris is a musky [...]

ToDo ToDay: Libraries for All! DGS Happy Hour! George Clinton!

After spending much of the 1990s working as a Microsoft corporate executive, John Wood decided to take a vacation and trek through the Himalayas. When he visited a school in Nepal and saw that it was lacking books for its students, he found a new calling and later returned to the school with a donation [...]