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ToDo ToDay: Old Photography, D.C. Beer Week, and Cheick Hamala Diabate

In the history of American photography, Charles and Henry Meade don’t amount to much more than footnotes. But as the early practitioners of the first popular photographic technique, the daguerreotype, the Meades are worth a look in the Smithsonian's ongoing exhibit of their work. The exhibit's prize images are a pair of daguerreotypes featuring Louis-Jacques-Mandé [...]

Don’t Be Bored: The Easy Way or the Hard Way

Shiny entertainment or challenging experimentalism: Tonight's live music options give us the whole spectrum. If you're the kind of person who sips straight Campari and likes your bedtime reading Slavic and turn-of-the-century, try out Sonic Circuits' program tonight at Pyramid Atlantic. Prefer to tap the Rockies? Like your flakes frosted, your reading glossy? Form a [...]

Last-Minute Pick: The Torches at Rock & Roll Hotel

If craft beers and academic discussions about the fermentation process aren't enough to whet your whistle, tonight's D.C. Beer Week kickoff event at the Rock & Roll Hotel (sponsored by City Paper, it seems, which has nothing to do this post) also features, among other bands, the swampy blues-rock of The Torches, a new project by Stephen [...]