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When Comics Return: A Chat With David Malki!

Regular readers of the City Paper know that comic strips and cartoon illustrations disappeared from the paper a couple of years ago. Now they're back.  David Malki!'s steampunk-influenced Wondermark appeared locally in The Onion until that paper dropped its comics months ago. It's one of my favorite web comics, and I'm glad to see [...]

U.S. Royalty Helps Gant Clothesline Get Rugged, Wet

Jacques, Reid, and Stas—they're just three normal, cosmopolitan, well-coiffed, impossibly handsome guys. Reid, he's the literary one, a regular Chekhov in khakis. Stas: Siberia-born but American as apple pie. As for Jacques? Mothers, lock up your daughters. This Australian photographer shoots to kill.
The stars of Gant's new campaign for its Rugger line know how to [...]