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ToDo ToDay: Shining City, Nickel Creek, and a Frozen Sing-Along

Lost love can be haunting, especially if your dead spouse appears to you as a ghost. Conor McPherson’s 2004 play, Shining City, shows us how: John, a widower in Dublin, seeks professional help after seeing his wife’s ghost. He divulges his thoughts about his late wife and past regrets to Ian, a therapist whose own demons [...]

ToDo ToDay: “Welcome to Nightvale,” Mardi Gras Snacks, and Baby Bry Bry

Some readers have reported strange occurrences in the area this past week. They say it sounded like angels, or maybe show promoters, speaking in hushed, excited tones about an upcoming live performance of a podcast called “Welcome to Night Vale.” Some report the voices say the show takes place in the fictional desert town of [...]

ToDo ToDay: Destroyer, Kate Nash, and Yo Gotti

A year after the release of Kaputt, Destroyer's Dan Bejar was feeling, well, kaput. “Once you break with rock music, the kind of music I listened to for so long, it’s hard to find your feet again,” Bejar told Washington City Paper in 2012. Wherever the Vancouver songwriter lands, at least he’s finding rewards in the ether. Five Spanish [...]

ToDo ToDay: The Wainwrights! Mardi Gras Block Party!

For Rufus Wainwright, music is almost entirely a family affair. The son of singer-songwriters Loudon Wainwright III and Kate McGarrigle, Rufus has been performing unofficially since birth and professionally since 1993. Most of his live shows feature a cover or two of songs and occasional appearances by his other musical relatives, including indie rocker sister [...]