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ToDo ToDay: George Pelecanos’ D.C.

Sure, he strays from time to time—up to Baltimore to write and produce The Wire, or down to New Orleans to do the same for Treme—but eventually, George Pelecanos always returns to D.C. in his fiction. In last summer’s novel The Cut, Pelecanos sets a tale of crime and vengeance as grisly as he’s ever written against the [...]

What I Learned at the Pitchfork Music Festival

The sixth annual Pitchfork Music Festival wrapped this weekend. Dismemberment Plan smiled the whole way through. Attendees got mad at Odd Future for saying offensive things. Face paint sales throughout the Midwest rose. It was dusty. It was hot. It was fun. I learned a few things that concert-goers, specifically those who have tickets to [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: FunkTV, Submarine, Cigarette

Marcus J. Moore leads this week's arts section with his profile of Regi Allen, a senior editor at Discovery Channel who's looking to start FunkTV, the first urban alternative television network, which hopes will be a home to forgotten Blaxploitation films, independent music, and an original program he calls Fried Chicken Cinema. In theater: Bob [...]

Deathslug 2000: Jon Morris/Tyondai Braxton

Way back in 2000, when DC-based composer Jon Morris (then Matis) was studying at Hartt School of Music, he recorded a series of abstract guitar improvisations with fellow student Tyondai Braxton. The duo took 45-minutes of that music, pressed it to a CD-R, and dubbed it Deathslug 2000 that, for a long time at least, [...]