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ToDo ToDay: Get Your Wonk On

Food politics, in recent years, has mainly been a preoccupation of the left. We liberals thrill to Morgan Spurlock’s cinematic pantsing of McDonald’s and Eric Schlosser’s searing indictment of big agriculture’s labor practices. It’s Democratic political spouses who make politically tinged culinary waves with things like Michelle Obama’s White House vegetable patch or Theresa Heinz Kerry’s [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: “Da Butt,” Song Byeok, Basil Twist

Put your memory in motion! Sarah Godfrey has this week's cover story with an oral history of EU's "Da Butt," which became go-go's biggest national hit after appearing in Spike Lee's School Daze. Leading the arts section, Kriston Capps connects the dissident kitsch of North Korean artist Song Byeok to the work he did when he [...]

Basil Twist’s Petrushka, Reviewed

It's not usually a compliment when a reviewer says, “This performance is best enjoyed with alcohol.” But the kaleidoscopic works of puppeteer Basil Twist are an exception. The swirling shapes and puppet sex are just more enjoyable after a beverage or two.
Besides, try saying with a straight, sober face, "I missed the NCAA tournament games [...]