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Riot Act Lawsuit: Judge Dismisses Some (But Not All) Claims Made by John Xereas

Last week, a D.C. District Court judge made the first significant decision in former Riot Act co-owner John Xereas' lawsuit against his one-time business partners, Geoffrey Dawson and Marjorie Heiss: He didn't dismiss the case.
According to court documents filed March 27, Judge Richard Roberts permitted Xereas' claims of "breach of the implied duty of good [...]

Killing Joke: How the Curtain Fell on Riot Act Comedy Theater

What do you get when a businessman, a lawyer, and a self-described “Greek guy with a big nose” try to open a comedy club together?
A lawsuit.
When Riot Act Comedy Theater opened last August, it was supposed to shake up the established rhythms of D.C.’s comedy circuit: It boasted bookings like Dick Gregory and Paul Mooney, suggesting [...]

Dr. Dremo’s To Meet Wrecking Ball

DCist is reporting that "Arlington Institution" Dr. Dremo's is about to finally see the wrecking ball. The massive bar complex is getting razed to make way for.... more condos (ugh). The blog notes: "Demolition has finally begun. Most of the surrounding buildings are being taken down today, and one construction worker said he had been [...]