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Did Politics & Prose Boot a Customer for Inquiring About the Marquis de Sade?

Hussein Ibish has beef with venerable upper Northwest book shop Politics & Prose. In Issue No. 22 of magazine The Baffler, Ibish, a senior fellow at the American Task Force on Palestine, tells a story about something most of us probably couldn't imagine happening at the freethinking book shop: He got thrown out on his ass.
Ibish's [...]

Arts Roundup: Lip-Synched Edition

The U.S. Marine Band says Beyoncé lip-synched the National Anthem at Monday's inauguration, and the backpedaling begins! [WJLA]
In a blog post that declares poetry dead, Post humor blogger Alexandra Petri manages to enrage poets and mailmen alike: "Poets are like the Postal Service—a group of people sedulously doing something that we no longer need, under [...]

Politics and Prose Finally Has a Buyer

The next owners of Politics and Prose, the Chevy Chase bookstore and local literary institution, will be former Washington Post reporter Bradley Graham and his wife Lissa Muscatine, most recently the head speechwriter at the U.S. Department of State and a confidante of Bill and Hillary Clinton.  The Washington Post reports that following a lengthy search, [...]

This Sunday: Remember Carla Cohen at Politics and Prose

If you didn't attend the funeral of Politics and Prose co-owner and founder Carla Cohen but still want to pay your respects, this Sunday's your chance. Family, friends, colleagues, and customers will gather at Politics and Prose to celebrate Cohen's life and her contributions to D.C.'s literary community. Expect reminiscences by business partner Barbara Meade, [...]