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Arts Roundup: Rich People Hoarding Their Money Edition

The District is making way for a movie theater near Nationals Park. [Washington Business Journal]
Michael Kaiser says the wealthy shouldn't be pressured to support the arts, but rather gently coaxed into it like a puppy into a warm bath. [Huffington Post D.C.]
Playwright Patricia Connelly crunches the numbers on locally grown plays. [Gwydion Suilebhan]
Now's your chance [...]

DMV Beats, Jumbo Edition: Farma Wesley, “Washington Slizzards,” and RIP Smash Taylor

Farma Wesley

Here's what we know about Farma Wesley: He's from Woodbridge but claims Liberian heritage; he's got a righteous high-top fade; he says he's got a mixtape called Farmageddon coming in May; and his Golden Era-influenced rhyme style bends toward extended metaphor and personal revelation. "White girl upset when I don't text her/She talk too [...]

Kane Mayfield’s “Beautiful Drug” Video Is Both Grim and Pretty

One of the standout tracks on Kane Mayfield's new Rhymes By Kane: Thievery Corporation Edition is "Beautiful Drug," which jacks the beat from the D.C. duo's song of the same name. The video for the Baltimore rapper's track popped up early this week, and it's an apt piece of storytelling about the power of addiction, [...]

Look Out for Kane Mayfield’s Thievery Corporation Mixtape

Few rappers get more out of Twitter than Kane Mayfield, who combines the usual self-promotion with well-measured personal openness and a general tone of intellectual curiosity. (He's also delightfully stoopid on a regular basis.) If the Baltimore MC existed only on social media, it would still be a net gain for society. Dude actually does [...]

When the Creators of Veep Vetted Magrudergrind

Sunday marks the premiere of Veep, the HBO comedy series that stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the vice president of the United States, and in the coming days there will no doubt be a slew of stories recalling the show's filming in the area. The Baltimore Sun had one great tale involving a scene filmed at Ottobar: Veep [...]

Baltimore’s Salamander Wool Creates a D.C. Wormhole

As Salamander Wool, Baltimore experimental musician Carson Garhart has created a portal to the ancient world, and the Washington Monument is ground zero. That's the general idea behind "Reptile," a woozy, warped track off Garhart's new album, Solar Solipsis. It's the second album from Salamander Wool—Garhart began using the name five years ago—and it collects [...]

Artomatic Across America: If TED Can Do It…

Earlier this year, the 11-year-old uncurated arts event Artomatic cloned itself in Frederick, Maryland. Pretty much everything was the same: The name, the logo, the unused building, the treasured "values" of openness and temporary use of space.
It went well enough that the original Artomatic is planning to franchise further. According to founder George Koch, mini-matics [...]

Arts Roundup: Well, That Was Weird Edition

Didn't Detect That One Coming: Baltimore club Sonar, a hangout for lovers of alternative dance music and death metal, abruptly shut down yesterday following a dispute between its owners. Sonar staff made the announcement on Facebook: "We here at Sonar regret to inform you that we are no longer able to operate as a venue. [...]

Dope Body’s Nupping, Reviewed

Nupping | nupp – ing | noun
A 10-track record from Baltimore's sludgy noise act Dope Body. Known for its intense, mucked-up punk rock, Dope Body cranks out some brutal jams on Nupping. It sounds like a call to arms, a reminder that ferocity works in every era, and that there are many, many ways to make [...]

Kane Mayfield Provides Your Monthly Dose of Boom-Bap

The bio says Kane Mayfield "penned his first lyrics to a Wu Tang Clan instrumental set on loop." He's New York-reared and Baltimore-seasoned. Those facts pretty much explain "Wreck," his new single, which is nice:

ADDENDUM: Mayfield confirms that the guy with the black eye in the picture is Mitch "Blood" Green.