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Arts Roundup: How to Really, Really Piss Off Baltimore City Paper Edition

House of Cards will film that motorcade scene in D.C. after all. [WBJ]
GEICO spotlights D.C. band Shark Week for a condescending and misinformed little video about Baltimore's music scene; Baltimore City Paper freaks out. [Baltimore City Paper]
Dismemberment Plan's Travis Morrison on the key to celebrity: "I should just twerk more onstage." [Esquire]
Here are a bunch of priceless [...]

Arts Roundup: Geek-Out Edition

*Yesterday a rare copy of Detective Comics No. 27, which features the first ever appearance of Batman, sold for the a record $1,075,500, The Washington Post reports. The return on that investment? Pretty good. "In 1939, the comic sold for 10 cents; the consignor bought the record-setting book in the '60s for $100," writes Michael [...]