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Arts Roundup: Inauguration Leftovers Edition

The Washington Post's classical-music critic, Anne Midgette, on behalf of classical-music fans, to President Obama: "We appreciate you taking an interest in our field. Please continue to notice this music, and we promise to hold our tongues for the next four years about whether or not we agree with your approach." [Post]
Ballou and University of [...]

R.I.P. Go-go Pioneer Little Benny: Chuck Brown & Others Reminisce


Early Sunday morning, Washington D.C. lost one of go-go’s pioneering musicians, Anthony “Little Benny” Harley, who at age 46, according to published sources, died in his sleep, after having performed with Chuck Brown the night before at the Capitol Heights Ballroom in Capitol Heights, MD on a bill with EU, Bela Dona, and Da Mixx [...]