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Hot Trailer: Washington, D.C.: The Movie

Beyond their offers of heavily discounted organic groceries or bicycles, the leading deal-of-the-day websites like to dabble in editorial content. (Actually, with Groupon, the term "editorial content" can lead to unfortunate, investor-scaring things like the CEO doing yoga in nothing but a pair of white briefs in front of a Christmas tree. Link is NSFW-ish.)
LivingSocial, [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Morning Afterparty’ Edition

Happy Work Week! Say, anybody find a wallet in Dupont Circle on Friday containing everything that makes me whole? You can keep the cash, just give me back my Bruigher Beard Club membership card.
Oscar was a grouch to James Cameron, far as the big-ticket prizes were concerned. In the end, Avatar took what it deserved, [...]