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Photos: Minor Alps @ Black Cat Backstage

"If you can play a song on acoustic, and it sounds good, then you know it's solid," Juliana Hatfield said last night after her performance with Minor Alps at Black Cat Backstage. It doesn't hurt to have a copilot as talented as Nada Surf's Matthew Caws, too. Hatfield and Caws, already friends for years, decided to embark [...]

Photos: Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds @ Black Cat Backstage

Not everyone gets turned on by lyrics about haunted heads and Phyllis Diller being a killer, but maybe more would if they heard them performed by the great Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds. Touring in support of its latest release, Haunted Head, the band nested at the Black Cat Backstage on Saturday, attired in [...]

Photos: Lorelei @ Black Cat Backstage

Last night at the Black Cat, fuzz-pop band Lorelei started off sounding a little hesitant, but that didn't last long.

Photos: Deleted Scenes @ Black Cat Backstage

An ethereal post-punk song is probably the last place one would expect to hear a slide guitar when there's synth at hand. But there it was, right in front of me Saturday night at the Black Cat Backstage, expertly played by Deleted Scenes guitarist Dominic Campanaro on the band's catchy new single "BedBedBedBedBed." Celebrating the [...]

Photos: Ted Leo @ Black Cat Backstage

Saturday's sold out show at the Black Cat Backstage was the last night of Ted Leo's current solo tour, and Leo seemed downright giddy. Leo regaled the audience with Paul Stanley quotes about concert participation, name-checked all of the cool bands who had opened for him this tour, led the crowd in an enthusiastic acoustic [...]