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Song Premiere: Baby Bry Bry & The Apologists’ “Lately”

A frantic, frustrated three-chorder with vocals that come straight from Bry Bry's tensed-up, strung-out gut

Here’s Who Might Have Played Fort Reno This Summer

This summer's Fort Reno concert series is off, organizer Amanda MacKaye announced today after she was unable to resolve a permitting dispute with the National Park Service and U.S. Park Police. Not long before MacKaye posted a letter to Fort Reno's website, she wrote to members of more than 20 local bands about the disappointing news—presumably the bands she [...]

ToDo ToDay: M.I.A., Woods, and a Live Action Graphic Novel

The 79-year-old dancer Yvonne Rainer’s long career has revolved around “radical juxtaposition,” a concept from Susan Sontag. In her new works “Assisted Living: Good Sports 2” and “Assisted Living: Do You Have Any Money?” Rainer brings her photographer’s eye to the possibilities of her original medium, loading up her dances with narrative in the form of [...]

ToDo ToDay: “Welcome to Nightvale,” Mardi Gras Snacks, and Baby Bry Bry

Some readers have reported strange occurrences in the area this past week. They say it sounded like angels, or maybe show promoters, speaking in hushed, excited tones about an upcoming live performance of a podcast called “Welcome to Night Vale.” Some report the voices say the show takes place in the fictional desert town of [...]

ToDo ToDay: Impossible!, Gun Crazy, and Humble Fire

Happenstance Theater is experiencing a bout of depression. Set in 1930s America, Impossible! A Happenstance Circus poses a simple question: What’s a circus like without the funding? Gone are the brass bands, manic lions, and fear-inducing clown getups. Instead, it’s a visual showcase of skill, talent, and passion created by the performers themselves. The Happenstance team [...]

One Track Mind: Baby Bry Bry, Is It Anything or Is it Everything?

Standout Track: No. 1, “Hear, My Dear,” from Petworth’s Baby Bry Bry, aka 23-year-old Bryan Gerhart. The opening song of the five-track Is It Anything or Is It Everything? EP is a two-chord bedroom-pop charmer that features a rap section by D.C. MC Parabellum. The song is also built on surprising source material: “[A] sample [...]