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Jazz Setlist, May 8-14: Mother’s Day Jazz

Thursday, May 8
The interesting thing about Nnenna Freelon is that her charisma doesn't really hit you until after the fact. She's an intense performer, one who addresses her audience both in song and in her banter with a certain tossed-off vibe that's as casual as the light tousle in her hair. Once the set is [...]

Jazz Setlist, Dec. 8-14: Christmas Concerts, Mostly

This is one of those weeks when I wish I could be in several places at once. Alas, dear reader, I cannot, and therefore can't recommend more than one at a time for you.
Friday, Dec. 9
Tim Warfield is one of the best Christmas gifts D.C. gives its jazz fans every year. He does an annual [...]

Jazz Setlist, May 5-11: In Sight of the White House

Thursday, May 5
Huh? Why would a column about D.C. jazz carry a photo of one of the city's historical sites, Decatur House on Lafayette Square near the White House? Why, I'm delighted that you asked. It's because Decatur House is the site of one of D.C.'s least appreciated summer jazz traditions, Jazz on Jackson Place. [...]

Jazz Setlist, Sept. 2-8: Kenny, Kenia, and Stuff that Doesn’t Begin with K

Friday, Sept. 3
Kenny Rittenhouse's trumpet sound is a thing to behold. He's got the hurt romance, the vulnerability, of Miles Davis' tone, but he spins them into the long virtuoso phrases of a Freddie Hubbard. Those are two very different stylists whose common ground can be summed up as "Kenny Rittenhouse"; however, even if you [...]