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Photos: Austra @ Black Cat

The genre labels that have been applied to Austra's two studio recordings (electronic, synthpop, dream pop) don't seem to adequately describe the band's music, and this seems doubly true in concert. Using both catchy dance beats and near-ambient drones as backdrops to invariably earwormy melodies, Austra—with Katie Stelmanis' unique and powerful vocals as the ever-present [...]

ToDo ToDay: Latin American Film Festival, DC Shorts, and Tater Tots

Modern adaptations of Shakespeare can fail spectacularly if they’re not carefully directed. But in rare cases, when all the pieces fall into place, newer versions illuminate the Bard's truths. Argentine filmmaker Matías Piñeiro’s Viola, an adaptation of Twelfth Night played out by hipsters in Buenos Aires, interweaves the rehearsals of a group of women producing an all-female production [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Cinematic Titanic Sates Fans of MST3K

When it first aired back in 1988, Mystery Science Theater 3000 represented a bold experiment in television. The whole point of the show was to mercilessly thrash forgotten B-rated films like Santa Claus Conquers the Martians and Eegah!—and the barbs were thrown by one guy and two makeshift robots who lived as prisoners in a space station. MST3K [...]