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Theatre Lab’s Mother/Daughter Directing Team Tackles August: Osage County

Disagreement is a natural part of any collaborative creative process. With most theatrical productions, the creative team works toward a director's vision for the play. As such, the buck stops with the director when creative disagreements arise.
The August: Osage County that opened last night for a three-night run at the Theatre Lab School of the [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: 2 Days in New York, Murals, and August: Osage County

On the cover of this week's City Paper, our writers shoot down the perennial comparison of D.C. to New York, offering suggestions of other cities to which we should compare ourselves instead. (Some of them, for arts-related reasons!) Tricia Olszewski leads the arts section with her review of two bummer art-house movies involving bummer family [...]

Arts Roundup: Overattended Media Preview Edition

Fall Awakening: The Keegan Theatre is going heavy on recent Broadway faves in its upcoming season: Its staging Spring Awakening and '08 Pulitzer winner August: Osage County. The season opens Oct. 22 with The Crucible; the company's Steel Magnolias is still going, though (here's our review!), and runs to Aug. 21. Arts Post has more.
Ha Ha Sound: [...]

Onstage This Week: The Solid Gold Cadillac and August: Osage County

August: Osage County
By Tracy Letts; Directed by Anna D. Shapiro
At the Kennedy Center’s Eisenhower Theater to Dec. 20
Tracy Letts has set a rip-snorting, fire-breathing matriarchal monster to spewing venom with the same relish Martha brought to spitting invective in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? She’s a keeper, this pill-popping, fiercely enduring Violet Weston—a feverishly addled [...]