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ToDo ToDay: Jace Clayton, Pink Martini, and Dosas

Celebrate the Ethiopian New Year with live music and dancing.

Akil Nadir, Who Influenced the Course of D.C. Hip-Hop, Dies

Akil Nadir was the Philosopher King, the straight-ahead MC known for his battle rhymes and sophisticated bravado. To his friends, he was Claude Lumpkin, an educator and father who let his heart speak through the music (and on his funny blog).
The veteran D.C. rapper died this weekend. He was 34.
As word spread of Nadir's death, his peers [...]

DMV Beats: An Appreciation for Pat Is Dope

Pat Is Dope vs. Danny Brown
D.C. blogger and all-around hip-hop head Pat Is Dope hasn't gotten much attention from DMV Beats, and that's unfair. He serves up a steady stream of content on and has more than 190,000 followers (!) on Twitter. Surely they're not all stripper/porno bots. Pat's rep stems, in part, from [...]

ToDo ToDay: Our Suburb, Future Times Holiday Show, and Lenorable

An idyllic community. A teenage romance. Tragedy that lurks behind the clapboard houses and neighbors’ friendly smiles. This isn’t Our Town but Our Suburb, playwright Darrah Cloud’s homage to the Thorton Wilder classic, which premieres at Theater J this week. The suburb is Skokie, Ill.—Cloud’s hometown—and residents are grappling with an infamous attempted neo-Nazi march. Read more >>> The [...]

Listen: Asheru’s New Album, Sleepless in Soweto

It took Asheru three years to reach this point. But there he was Wednesday night at Tropicalia on U Street NW, doing his best to explain the premise behind his much-delayed new album, Sleepless in Soweto. "I went over [to South Africa] this time and I've come to a different look at the world," Asheru told [...]

DMV Beats: Oddisee, Maimouna Youssef, Black Cobain, Al Bundy, and Asheru

Oddisee doesn't do many videos. He dropped one recently for "After Thoughts," but he doesn't actually appear in it. So the rapper/producer's new video for "Own Appeal" was kind of a surprise. It offers a glimpse into Odd's work routine: "The outside environment really plays a huge part in what I make," he says at [...]

New Podcast Dissects Local Hip-Hop

Once upon a time, rapping in D.C. wasn't so cool. In the 1990s, long before artists like Wale and Tabi Bonney put D.C. hip-hop on a national stage, local MCs couldn't spit a rhyme without being deemed a New York wanna-be.
Instead, aspiring rappers not named Asheru, Head-Roc, or Black Indian spit their rhymes alongside prominent go-go bands [...]

Finally, Poem-Cees Drop Everything You’ve Always Wanted

"The music industry has imploded," a sarcastic male voice says seconds into Poem-Cees' new album, Everything You've Always Wanted. "The economy sucks, and you want Poem-Cees to release a record now."
Just when that statement was recorded is a mystery. For whatever reason, the D.C. trio of D.P., Black Picasso, and DJ Stylus recorded this full-length [...]

Head-Roc’s Mouth: “Funk 4 the Dream”

The one and only Afrika Bambaataa will be arriving in Chocolate City to “Planet Rock” funk it up for the “Funk 4 Peace” concert being held at U Street Music Hall this Sunday. The undisputed grandmaster and godfather of hip-hop culture will perform live and direct with D.C.’s international culture break-beat funk stars, Fort [...]

Head-Roc’s Mouth: No Great DMV MCs? Really??

An occasional feature in which esteemed D.C. rapper Head-Roc shares what’s on his mind.
OK, so I'm looking at the front cover of this past week’s Washington City Paper “2010 Music in Review” edition. Wait, or is it “2010 in Music Review?” I honestly don’t know. It’s a little confusing to me. Still, I get that [...]