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A Catalog of Make-‘Em-Yourself Birds Adds a Dose of Dark Humor to Kid Lit

Kate Samworth’s new book was born from silence. The painter and illustrator had been listening to the radio in her Philadelphia studio in the days following Hurricane Katrina, when, on the program, a couple recounted what it was like to return to New Orleans in the wake of the storm. Silence, they said—that was what [...]

Comparing Notes: Two Critics Confer on “Fermata,” Artisphere’s Aural Exhibition

In musical notation, a fermata is a symbol used to indicate when a note or rest should be sustained. It’s usually used over rest notes to indicate a grand pause. That’s not the imagery that most curators try to summon with summer exhibits.
But “Fermata,” an ambitious new exhibit on view through August 10 at Artisphere, [...]

Is It Sound Art, or Is It Music? “Fermata” Doesn’t Care

If you’re tired of getting shushed in the stern, silent halls of traditional art venues, here’s some good news: When Artisphere unveils its newest exhibit today, it might become the loudest gallery in town.
Brothers Ryan and Hays Holladay, the experimental-pop artists of Bluebrain (you might have downloaded one of their GPS-powered music apps or blasted [...]

Brazil’s Luisa Maita on Samba, São Paulo, and Speedy Beats

Brazilian Luísa Maita’s alluring, samba-rooted vocals may conjure up for most Americans images of Rio beaches, but Maita, who performs at Artisphere Saturday, is a city girl who has spent more time on the streets of her hometown of São Paulo, Brazil. This daughter of a parking lot owner/musician father and a record producer mother [...]

Bluebrain Returns With Sweeping Sound-Art Exhibit at Artisphere

It's been a while since we've heard from Bluebrain, the experimental-pop duo of Ryan and Hays Holladay. That will change this year, when the group, known for its pop-up musical performances and location-aware apps inspired by Central Park and the National Mall, unveil a series of new projects. Among them: an actual wall of sound.
Well, kind of. An elaborate [...]

Arts Roundup: Endings Edition

House of Cards probably won't return for a third season. [Huffington Post]
Doesn't look like Donnie Simpson plans to return to radio, either. [Post]
The Textile Museum carefully transfers its collection to George Washington University. [WBJ]
Yes, Thriller on H Street happens again this year. [Frozen Tropics]
Lyle Link pens an appreciation for Butch Warren. [CapitalBop]
Nick Offerman joins the Bentzen [...]

Rate of Inflation

In September, Artisphere brings Andy Warhol's celebrated 1966 installation "Silver Clouds" to Rosslyn. But not without a little help. Inflating all 150 of Warhol’s Scotchpak-made metalized plastic film balloons, and keeping them inflated, requires a lot of helium: approximately 1,850 cubic feet, according to Artisphere Executive Director José Ortiz. A global helium shortage makes that [...]

Arts Roundup: Andy Warhol Edition

Artisphere launches a crowdfunding campaign to help pay for its forthcoming Andy Warhol exhibit. [ARLnow]
The Smithsonian struggles to store parts of its growing collection. [Post]
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library unveils its new Digital Commons. [DCist]
Post-Bubble, the Hirshhorn tries to get back to basics. [Post]
Dupont Circle gets more outdoor Shakespeare. [DCist]
Local DJ Joey Flash arrested [...]

Listen, Quickly: Beauty Pill’s “Near Miss Stories”

In 2011, local art rockers Beauty Pill recorded an album in public, converting the black box theater in Artisphere into a studio and mic-ing the action for passersby to hear from an observation window above. A few months later, the band premiered a version of the new album in an installation at the Rosslyn arts [...]

Arts Roundup: Poetry Sucks Edition

Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company buys its downtown venue at a possibly very plum price. [Post]
In its final show, Parish Gallery pays tribute to its founder, Norman Parish, who's ailing from a brain tumor. [Post]
For Arlington taxpayers, libraries are a much better deal than Artisphere. [ARLnow]
Modern poetry, you suck a big one. Signed, this University of [...]