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Shelby Cinca Sees More Cassettes Music, Monolithic Domes in His Future

Cinca performs Cassettes songs in an empty theater in Gothenburg, Sweden.
In this week's Washington City Paper, we checked in with two members of the D.C. steampunk band The Cassettes: multi-instrumentalist Stephen Guidry, whose band The Torches has a new EP containing at least one song about vampires, and Arthur Harrison, who has played theremin with [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 2

Ooh yeah, we're back for another week. Know your history. If you're too lazy to click on that link, here's the gist: Last week we described Far Out vs. Hot Dang as "a weekly assemblage of whatever we hear rattling around in D.C.’s cultural chasm." The cool side is still cool, but a little funky, [...]

Video: Fun with Arthur Harrison’s Theremin Shelf

While reporting for her profile of local thereminist Arthur Harrison, Sadie Dingfelder naturally got to play with some of his toys. In the video above, shot by Steve Hay, she waves her hand over the 17 theremins resting by the staircase in Harrison's Rockville home. Don't you wish your house was this cool?

After the jump, [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Arthur Harrison and His Theremins, The Torches, Animal Kingdom

This week, Sadie Dingfelder leads off the section with a profile of Arthur Harrison—a Rockville musician and veteran of D.C.'s music scene who is one of the world's best-known makers of theremins. What's a theremin, you ask? Well, it sounds like a chorus of moaning ghosts, and you don't need your hands to play it. Read [...]

Oscillate Mildly: Arthur Harrison, Noted Rockville Thereminist, Is Happy Busking

Oscillate Mildly
His steampunk days could be behind him, but noted
Rockville thereminist Arthur Harrison is happy busking
By Sadie Dingfelder
It’s a Thursday night at the Black Cat, and aloof 20-somethings in shapeless shirts and skinny jeans are leaning against the bar, angling for drinks. They are temporarily out of luck: The bartender is deep in conversation with [...]