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The Best Images of 2012

Sometimes one image is enough to carry an exhibit. Here are my picks for the Top 10 images that appeared in photographic exhibits in D.C. in 2012.
1. Frank Hallam Day, ship hull images, Addison/Ripley Gallery
It’s difficult to choose the better of Day’s two photographs of ship hulls in “Waterline,” an exhibit loosely organized around the [...]

Top 10 Local Photography Exhibits of 2012

Maybe it’s the national malaise, or maybe it’s just coincidence, but many of the finest photographic exhibits in Washington in 2012 have been meditations on loss—the Holocaust, extinct empires, far-away wars, hardscrabble young adulthoods, urban ruins and funerary rites.
Here’s one critic’s choice of the 10 best photographic exhibits of the year. Four of the 10 [...]

Reviewed: “Lost Worlds: Ruins of the Americas”

Arthur Drooker’s photographic documentary project, Lost Worlds, brought him to 33 ruins in 15 countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, some of them famous (Peru’s Macchu Pichu, Guatemala’s Tikal) and some decidedly less so. As an exhibit at the Art Museum of the Americas illustrates, not all of the sites he visited ended up [...]