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This Week In Reviews

Laurie Anderson's "Heart of a Dog," the National Museum of Women in the Arts' latest, and more

Arts Roundup: Sun’s Early Rays Edition

Plus: Theater J hires new artistic director.

Theater J Hires Adam Immerwahr as New Artistic Director

Nearly a year after firing Ari Roth, Theater J has hired Adam Immerwahr as its new artistic director.

DCJCC Fires Ari Roth from Theater J

His comments to the media on internal censorship of diverse viewpoints were deemed insubordinate.

The Admission, Which Closes This Weekend, Reviewed

If you haven’t yet seen the controversial play that made its English-language debut at Theater J in March and raised the ire of local pro-Israel activists, here’s your last chance. After a sold-out “workshop” run at Theater J and a 22-show extension produced by Busboys and Poets at the Studio Theatre, The Admission is staging [...]

ToDo ToDay: “Pictures In the Parlor” at the American Art Museum and Father’s Children at Howard Theatre

"Pictures in the Parlor" is a bit of an oddity. Nominally a photography show, the Smithsonian exhibit spotlights “decorative images”—primarily portraits of family members—that were displayed in homes "to convey the values, aspirations, and achievements of their owners." It also shows how families of modest means viewed photography not as an art form with its [...]

With Saturday Shows, Theater J Gets With the Times

Two weeks ago, Theater J made history when it performed a play on Saturday afternoon at its home in the D.C. Jewish Community Center. It was the first time the company had performed on Shabbat—the Jewish calendar's day of rest—in that venue.
It was kind of a big deal, mostly because even progressive synagogues like Sixth & [...]

Theater J’s Ari Roth Writes a Play…About Me

Theater J Artistic Director Ari Roth once told me he comes from the Anna Deavere Smith school of verisimilitude: He is a writer of fact-based plays. So I'm not quite sure what to make of Preparing for News, a 10-minute play by Roth that will be performed tonight at Theater J as part of the annual Dramathon [...]

Arts Roundup: Theatrical Reaganomics Edition

The National Women's History Museum remains unbuilt—but its fundraising efforts and management look mighty suspicious. [HuffPo]
The next installment of National Harbor gallery Art Whino's "G40"—a punishingly democratic exhibit of street art—won't take place in D.C. but Richmond. [Style Blog]
Wale hangs out with Curren$y and a chamber ensemble in a private jet hangar. [Pitchfork]
How'd D.C. theater [...]

The Locavore’s Dilemma: Theater J Begins Its Festival of Local Plays

It's 45 minutes before the pay-what-you-can preview of Renee Calarco's The Religion Thing, and I'm exchanging niceties with Ari Roth, Theater J's artistic director. We're chatting about the importance of telling stories with real-world weight when he hits me with this: "When you talk about the theater-ticket-buying community, they don't give a rat's ass or a [...]