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Photos: Archers of Loaf @ Black Cat

Archers of Loaf brings the noise to Black Cat as part of a very short tour.

We Still Care: A Conversation With Rhett Miller of Old 97’s

Formed in Dallas in 1993, the alt-country act Old 97's combines the heart-tugging wordplay of Townes Van Zandt with the attack of The Clash. After a couple of indie releases in the mid-'90s, the group was the beneficiary of a bidding war, signing with Elektra Records. Their major-label debut, 1997's Too Far to Care, remains [...]

Erica Bruce’s Top 10 Concerts of 2011, in Photos

Wild Flag @ Black Cat
We covered a lot of music in pictures this year, but some truly stood out.

Photos: Archers of Loaf @ Black Cat

Ed. note: It's Archers of Loaf Day, apparently! There are worse things.
It's a no-brainer to say an upstairs bartender at the Black Cat sees a lot of shows, both good and bad. So when not one but two of them remarks how incredible a show was...well, it's a safe bet the show was pretty incredible. What [...]

What Did You Expect?: Archers of Loaf at the Black Cat, Discussed

Alongside bands like Polvo and Superchunk, Chapel Hill, N.C.’s Archers of Loaf helped popularize a geo-specific sound during the early '90s that blended buzzy guitars with a healthy dose of melody. It’s a formula that’s since become common in indie rock, but you rarely hear it replicated with the Archers of Loaf same spark. It [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Local and DIY Everything

There may just be one D.C. Sound, but there are plenty of D.C. sounds—like neo-garage rock, a steady if never massive current of local indie rock since at least the days of Pussy Galore. In the early and mid-2000s, the masters of pseudomystic local grit were The Apes, who paired Iron Butterfly organs with Stooges [...]