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Screen Favor: Is iPad Painting Pop Art for the 21st Century?

Instead of turning a critical eye on brand names and consumerism, many iPad artists embrace them.

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat With Molly Lawless

I first met Molly Lawless and saw her work at a Free Comic Book Day appearance at Fantom Comics, where she and Jim Dougan were selling their minicomic How I Lost My S#?! at the Apple Store. This amusing look at a certain lack of customer service on the part of Apple caused a bit [...]

Free Tonight: Imperial China @ Tysons Corner Apple Store

Imperial China's mathy post-punk probably won't be the next dispensable soundtrack to an iPod commerical, and the D.C. band knows it. The trio is playing a free set in the Apple Store at the Tysons Corner mall tonight at 6 p.m., and the performance apparently merits this disclaimer: "Yes, really."
OK, so Imperial China's jagged, discursive [...]