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Listen to This Common-Inspired Beat Tape

Common’s evolution is tricky to navigate. On his 1992 debut, Can I Borrow A Dollar?, he was the beer-guzzling, weed-smoking, hood dude. Two years later, Common was more thoughtful on the landmark Resurrection, a creative approach that came to full fruition on 2000's Like Water for Chocolate and 2005's Be. He traveled to outer space on [...]

DMV Beats: RAtheMC, Teddy Pendergrass Beats, Glizzy’s Guns, and the Swag Genie

Ex-X Factor
There are only about 75 seconds of the song "Million Miles Away" in this new clip from RatheMC, and while it's labeled as an official video, it's hard to see it as anything but an easygoing placeholder while she gears up for whatever is next. Check the full version from her Grace Jones Experiment mixtape here. Besides being a soulful, [...]

DMV Beats: Adventures in the Dollar Bin, Prinz-D, A Plus, Jay Verze

Fresh Produce

It's been about six months since Anthony "Gadget" Mims released his first "Adventures in the Dollar Bin" video featuring Grussle in Som Records, and the followup—with the DMV's J Scienide in Joe's Record Paradise—is just as much fun. The premise: a producer buys an unfamiliar record from a dollar bin and makes a beat [...]