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Arts Roundup: Gehry FTW Edition

The story of The Doors' legendary 1967 show at the Alexandria Roller Rink, aka that time Jim Morrison gave his hometown the finger [Post]
After Frank Gehry debuts some tweaks to the Eisenhower Memorial, the Memorial Commission approves that joint. [Post]
A report from the Frederick Douglass statue unveiling at the Capitol building, where House Minority Leader Nancy [...]

ToDo ToDay: The Intersections Festival and Nonstop D.C. Nostalgia

For once, you don’t have to trek to National Harbor to see world-class circus performers: The Intersections Festival is bringing an evening of big-tent entertainment to the Atlas Performing Arts Center on H Street NE. The center ring event, “Magic in the Air,” will showcase local acrobats twisting in silks and spinning in suspended hoops, [...]

Arts Roundup: Magnited Edition

The Texting Epidemic?: In a lengthy essay, Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday says we're having a crisis of moviegoing manners, citing a couple of amusing news stories from last year—like Alamo Drafthouse's amusing "trailer" featuring a patron the theater kicked out for texting, and the Connecticut indie theater that had to post a sign [...]

Fare Assessment: Ann Hornaday Goes to Sundance

There are plenty of reasons for an arts critic to leave town—say, vacation. OK, OK, all critics should see what's animating the national conversation from time to time—it can broaden and inform their perspective. But sometimes it feels like The Washington Post's reviewers are spending a bit too much time consuming art in other cities, [...]

Arts Roundup: Mumblecore and Moombahton Edition

Hello! In today's WaPo, Ann Hornaday tackles the topic of extreme realism on our big screens—what with Blue Valentine and Alamar representing "yet two more films we're seeing more of these days, which prefer vernacular that isn't the high-polish, confected characterizations and neat three-act structures of mainstream Hollywood. Instead, they follow the far messier and [...]

Arts Roundup: Forced and Underdeveloped Edition

Good morning, D.C.! James L. Brooks understands you!
His Broadcast News "flawlessly captured D.C. tribal rituals as diverse as the White House Correspondents' Association dinner and a suburban Sunday brunch" and now his How Do You Know has cast our city "once again as zeitgeist-signifier, metropolitan muse and supporting character in its own right," Ann Hornaday [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Hug a Luftmensch’ Edition

Morning, folks!
I’m not exactly sure what sort of necromantic Russian energy drinks Ann Hornaday and the rest of the critical community were slugging when they persuaded skeptics like me to shell out $11 for Hot Tub Time Machine with the promise of high-concept camp. The movie tries to cash in on the whole bromance thing, [...]