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Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Alexa Polito

Alexa Polito set up in the lobby of this year's AnimeUSA con in Woodley Park. She sold me a copy of her mini-comic Rough Sex Vol. 1: A NSFW Sketchbook and answered our usual questions after the show.
Washington City Paper: What type of artwork do you do?
Alexa Polito: I do character illustration, focusing on cool [...]

Unmasking the Cosplayers of Katsucon 2011

"I feel like I’m in a cafe in Star Wars. Seventy-five years and I never cease to see something that amazes me,” said Katsucon attendee Bill McIntyre on Saturday. He had it about right. We were sitting at the Gaylord Hotel in National Harbor watching streams of cosplayers (that's short for costume players) parade through the [...]

Katsucon’s Maid Cafe: Strangely Chaste!

At this weekend's Katsucon anime convention in National Harbor, there was naturally plenty of overlap between the pervy and the adorable. Pervy and polite, though? For that, you had to go to the event's Maid Cafe.
What's a maid cafe? Allow the Katsucon site to explain:
Maid Cafés are a special kind of theme restaurant that first [...]