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Arts Roundup: New GoldLink Edition

Plus: a "Downton Abbey"-esque PBS series about the Civil War is taking place in Alexandria.

The D.C. Alley Museum Opens In Blagden Alley

A new "museum" celebrate's the historic alley's artistic legacy.

Marvin Gaye Mural in Shaw Is Being Built Over

If you prefer to pay your respects to late music greats at rainbow-hued building facades, your days to salute the memory of Marvin Gaye in Shaw are numbered. A colorful tribute to the homegrown soul crooner at 7th and S streets NW is on its way out.
The mural was commissioned by the Heineken Mural Project and painted in [...]

Poolhouse Blues: Aniekan Udofia’s New Mural in Eastern Market

One of D.C.’s best-known muralists, Aniekan Udofia, is taking his work in a new, conceptual direction. His past pieces have kept to a literal scope: the pro-statehood U Street NW mural of a gagged George Washington; the portraits of Chuck Brown, Bill Cosby, Donnie Simpson, and Barack Obama on the side of Ben’s Chili Bowl; [...]

The Brush Off: D.C.’s New Murals

Mural art doesn't seem like the kind of discipline that should be broken into seasons, like fashion or the performing arts—not least because so many murals, with their all-together-now imagery and perennial visibility, seem lodged in a permanent Sesame Street-like past. But the District's MuralsDC program is calling its new slate of wall art a [...]

Temporary Still Permanent: Albus Cavus Plans a One-Night Street-Art Party

The Water St. Project may have run for a mere 11 days in April and Art Whino's G40 exhibition may have migrated to Richmond, but the phenomenon of street-art-driven pop-up parties is hydra-headed and furious: For one night next week, the street-art nonprofit Albus Cavus and AIGA, a professional organization for designers, is taking over a [...]

MuralsDC’s Art Show Closes Tonight

For last week's Washington City Paper cover story, I took a long look at some of the organizations that have helped institutionalize graffiti in D.C. One of them is the city's MuralsDC program, a program that placed nine public art projects around the city this summer. For the last week, the former library and Temporium space on [...]