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ToDo ToDay: Meggan Gould, Neil Hamburger, and Ani DiFranco

With two national stand-ups in town, you'd better laugh tonight.

Tonight in Music: Ani DiFranco at the 9:30 Club

Folk music has gotten soft. At least, it’s gotten soft by Ani DiFranco’s standards. Back in the early ’90s, the Buffalo, N.Y.–bred singer-songwriter regularly served up her feelings on the raw—be they about reproductive rights, sexuality, or your untouchable effing face. DiFranco had her own label, her own guitar tunings, and she was not afraid [...]

Tonight: Utah Phillips Tribute

In 2008, Ani DiFranco and a number of traditional folk singers came together to record a benefit album for labor organizer, soldier, hobo, pacifist, storyteller, and singer Bruce “Utah” Phillips.  Phillips, “the Golden Voice of the Great Southwest,” was in poor health and did not live to hear the double CD set, “Singing through the [...]