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ToDo ToDay: The 25 Project, Titus Andronicus, and Crafty Bastards

Brandon Hill and Peter Chang didn’t start their buzzed-about art and lifestyle company No Kings Collective at the District of Columbia Arts Center (DCAC), but they did get their start there. To help celebrate the upcoming 25th anniversary of DCAC, No Kings Collective has organized The 25 Project. The two-day exhibition features 25 D.C. artists, [...]

Future Times Extra: Boogie Bonus With C-Rob

The word "boogie" has all kinds of meanings, but for the subjects of this week's City Paper cover story, the Future Times DJs, it's the Britain-born term for the club music that was produced after the term "disco" became toxic but before more city-specific genres like Chicago house and Detroit techno reached wide audiences. "It's [...]

ToDo ToDay: Andrew Morgan

One of D.C.'s most specialized sonic detectives is Andrew Morgan, who’s made it his mission to rediscover ’80s electro-funk tracks and reissue them on his Peoples Potential Unlimited label or sell through his Earcave mailorder website. These post-disco, early hip-hop boogie beats are what Morgan will spin tonight at U Street Music Hall, and dancers used [...]

Old Smoothie
Record collectors revive the career of Hyattsville soulman George Smallwood

Tom Noble knew only two things about George Smallwood: He had an awesome record and an address.

Big Gold Belt, DJs Andrew Morgan & Beautiful Swimmers @ Vikram Yoga on Friday

When I first heard about this it was just a concert/dance party, but now the affair has been upgraded to Wonkette's inauguration party. Which changes very little, except that now a few more people will probably show up.
Otherwise it's just going to be business as usual. Local duo Big Gold Belt, who sound kind [...]

Future Times Techno-Conciousness Event @ Dahlak

If all you wanted for Christmas was a few hours to cut loose to afro-futurist-house and body music, then I'm guessing that Santa probably stiffed you. Luckily, Future Times has you covered. The DC-based record label will be holding its first ever label event this Saturday night, which will feature live performances by Maximillion Dunbar [...]