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Beautiful Swimmers Have a “Son” on the Way

After months of sorting out pressing-plant issues, D.C.'s Beautiful Swimmers are set to release their first full-length album, Son, in the coming weeks on their Future Times label. The digital version will drop July 2, says Andrew Field-Pickering, one-half of the DJ/production duo, and although there isn't a specific date for the double-LP vinyl release, [...]

Listen: New Music From Dolo Percussion, AKA Maxmillion Dunbar

Mt. Pleasant resident and Beautiful Swimmers member Andrew Field-Pickering has chalked up another alias: As Dolo Percussion, the producer and Future Times label co-founder has just released a four-song solo release via New York label L.I.E.S.
As with a lot of the music Field-Pickering generates, the sounds find their way online well before the vinyl is shipped. [...]

A Future Times Man in London

"I can't buy every record. Which has long been my least-favorite fact about life," deadpans the gloriously bearded Andrew Field-Pickering during this chill video interview with Fact magazine inside London's Phonica Records. The Future Times producer/DJ  is back from a European jaunt in support of his excellent album House of Woo (released under the name [...]

Listen, the Snow Is Falling: What D.C. Musicians Do When They’re Snowed In

If you were hoping to catch some live music tonight, you're probably out of luck. Yet while today's hazardous conditions may make getting to venues difficult, they won't stop local artists from making music—including, lest I forget, the guy who lives across the street from me and plays sax for what must be 13 or [...]

Maxmillion Dunbar Releases New EP

Andrew Field-Pickering's cup is pretty much running over with smooth music these days. Between Food For Animals, Future Times Records, and Beautiful Swimmers, he's already produced a crate's worth of vinyl this year. And there's still more to come. Maxmillion Dunbar, Field-Pickering's solo project, just delivered Bare Feet on UK-based label Ramp Recordings. The minimalist [...]

Andrew Field-Pickering (Food For Animals/Beatiful Swimmers) Launches Fader Column

You'd think that Andrew Field-Pickering–between rapping in Food For Animals, DJing in Beautiful Swimmers, and running his own record label (Future Times)–probably has enough cool urban-music-oriented-work to fill his days. But one more thing can't hurt, can it? Field-Pickering recently launched "Heal Yourself and Move," a column devoted to dance music, electronic music, deep vibes, [...]