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Openings: Andrea Way, “LEO: The Anti-Gravity Show”

What's new this weekend in local arts
In the days before everyone could alter images with every Instagram filter known to man, photo manipulation took more than just a tap of a screen. The National Gallery of Art's latest exhibition examines these techniques in "Faking It: Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop," opening Sunday. Read Louis Jacobson's preview [...]

Now on View: “Recent Work” at Marsha Mateyka Gallery

As is often the case with a Marsha Mateyka Gallery exhibit, its current group show, “Recent Work,” revels in visual complexity. D.C.-based Andrea Way offers bubbling amoebic forms, while Nancy Wolf mulls urban change in China with intricate drawings that meld traditional mountain forms with rising skyscrapers and teeming streets. But for sheer wonderment, the [...]