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Listen: Kevin Ross, ‘Prototype’

Listen to Ross' interpretation of a classic submerged is his style.

Listen: Christylez Bacon, Hip-Hop UnPlugged

You've probably seen Christylez Bacon even if you didn't know it was him. His picture was emblazoned on the Convention Center for a while. Or maybe you've seen Bacon peddle his bike through the city en route to a gig.
Then there's the ensemble: He looks like a member of the Jackson 5 and dresses like Andre 3000. He's a [...]

What Is the Role of Art in the Wake of Tragedy?

The Economist gave the United States a whole weekend to mourn the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre before telling the entire nation to suck it up. "Those of us who view the events remotely ... unless we start to evince a newfound appetite for gun-control measures to prevent future mass slayings, are doing little [...]

Arts Roundup: Austerity Measures Edition

Frank Rich to Washington: Drop Dead: In conversation with his editor Adam Moss, New York columnist Frank Rich contemplates Washington's problems in a discussion about the crisis over the federal debt ceiling on the magazine's Daily Intel blog. But then Rich, who grew up here, gets a dig in at his hometown's cultural offerings. "It does [...]