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Jazz Setlist, Feb. 13-19: Damn Snow

Damn snow messed up my beautifully organized Setlist this week. Now two of these three shows are in conflict with each other. But I'm going to write about them anyway, and you can choose the one that tickles your fancy.
Sunday, Feb. 16 (moved from tonight)
It's fascinating that David Ornette Cherry plays piano. Trumpeter Don Cherry's [...]

DC Jazz Festival: Cohen’s Clarinet

Nobody will ever mistake Anat Cohen for any other clarinetist. She's got a full, round tone with a sensitive core that coasts over her accompaniment like a cork bobbing on the waves. That makes it sound lighthearted, which it assuredly can be, but always present is a certain inexpressible gravitas. That feeling, of course, is [...]

Jazz Setlist, Nov. 4-10: Fin de Cecil

Thursday, Nov. 4
Now, this is something different. D.C. musician Arch Thompson plays the flute, but he's not a flutist—he's a flutologist. And he doesn't do concerts. He does a ministry, Jazz to Mother Earth, whose mission is to educate us about living in harmony with Mother Earth, especially via clean air and water. And he [...]