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Arts Commission Will Take Down Controversial Anacostia Project on Monday

"Of course the arts commission is going to comply with the fire marshal," a spokeswoman says.

Barry: I Sicced the Fire Authorities on the Anacostia Art Project

“As the Ward 8 Councilmember, I am determined to have this eye sore removed once and for all.”

Fire/EMS: Controversial Anacostia 5×5 Installation Must Be Removed

The installation has already been canceled and uncanceled.

Why Anacostia Residents Are Calling 311 Over This Art Installation

To some residents of Anacostia, Abigail DeVille's artwork just looks like garbage.

There Will Be No Lumen8Anacostia This Year

2014 just got a little less festive for Anacostia.
The neighborhood had its coming-out party of sorts in 2012 with the first annual Lumen8Anacostia, a three-month bash that aimed to put the maligned east-of-the-river spot on the map as an arts destination. The second Lumen8, spanning nearly as long last year, helped cement the neighborhood's burgeoning reputation for [...]

Arts Roundup: Veep Edition

Veep will film at the University of Maryland for the next two weeks. [Washingtonian]
Artist Craig Kraft buys a building in Anacostia; plans to turn it into work/live/gallery space. [Housing Complex]
D.C. Council honors the 9:30 Club. [DCist]
The National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts honors Rita Moreno amid shutdown. [Post]
Inside Eastern Market's Capitol Hill Books [WTOP]
Most of [...]

What to Expect at LUMEN8 2013

How to Build an Arts District
If You Build It, Who Will Come?
Stage of Development
What to Expect at LUMEN8 2013
Anacostia's Arts Scene Is Growing

Last year’s LUMEN8Anacostia, the partially city-sponsored arts festival aimed at inspiring future economic development in Anacostia, was all about being big, splashy, and temporary. This year, both the festival and the neighborhood’s growing [...]

Anacostia’s Arts Scene Is Growing. Who Should It Be For?

How to Build an Arts District
If You Build It, Who Will Come?
Stage of Development
What to Expect at LUMEN8 2013
Anacostia's Arts Scene Is Growing

The art of Amber Robles-Gordon is the art of Anacostia, quite literally.
Robles-Gordon cobbles together sculptures and canvas collages from scraps of paper and fabric she finds in the neighborhood’s trash cans and storefront [...]

Don’t Call That Anacostia Public Art Project a Totem Pole

This spring, Anacostia will get its first totem pole. But whatever you do, don’t call it a totem pole.
At the end of May, residents of Anacostia will finally greet a public art project two years in the making: “Journey Anacostia,” a steel, copper, and stained-glass sculpture commissioned by the District to fill a city-owned lot [...]

Arts Roundup: Artisphere’s Sustainability Edition

Arlington County Manager Barbara Donnellan says she's "forcing" Artisphere "to reevaluate how they operate." [ArlNow]
Classical music critic Anne Midgette on music education in schools: It might be great for kids, but it doesn't necessarily turn them into future symphony subscribers. [Post]
The Anacostia totem pole serves as an odd tribute to Native American culture in a [...]