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Back in Hack: Journopalooza, Where the Boys on the Bus Become the Boys in the Band

Porto Recanati, an Adriatic fishing village of about 9,000 residents, boasts among its vacation amenities Arena Gigli, a medieval courtyard converted into an outdoor theater that hosts plays, opera, film screenings, and concerts. Past performances include traveling productions of Hair and Jesus Chris Superstar and a Queen tribute group. The headliner one warm evening last [...]

The Twilight Saga: On the Nomination of Elena Kagan

In a new low for American jurisprudence, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., asked Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan to weigh on this week's most burning question. Amid a raft of questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee on matters like detainee rights, campaign finance regulation, financial oversight, civil rights, and abortion, the senior senator from Minnesota—herself a [...]