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Photos: The Evens @ Fort Reno

Yesterday evening, a pretty substantial crowd turned up to see The Evens open the 45th annual Fort Reno Summer Concert Series. It consisted of the usual mass of families, old people, young people, and dogs, with an extra helping of members of D.C. bands past and present (Deleted Scenes, Deathfix, and Youth Brigade, among others)—with a [...]

The Evens to Play at Fort Reno July 8

Indie rock and outdoor concert lovers, rejoice! Fort Reno has finally announced the first of its summer concerts. The Evens, Ian MacKaye and Amy Farina's folk-punk duo, will play at the Northwest D.C. park on July 8 at 7:15 p.m. No further shows in the twice-weekly concert series have been announced yet
Many have wondered in [...]

The Evens’ “2 Songs,” Reviewed

The A-side, "Warble Factor," has one of those surging 4/4 rhythms (call it "the post-hardcore head-nod") and Ian MacKaye's quick-chop guitar playing is gratifyingly familiar. But Amy Farina's vocals are the show here: She's passionate and serious, befitting what seems to be a meditation on somebody's death. What's that line at the end? "Look at [...]

The Evens Are Back

It's been five years since the last record from Ian MacKaye and Amy Farina's low-key punk-folk duo The Evens, and they're back on Nov. 21 with a new 7-inch on Dischord. The A-side is called "Warble Factor" and the B-side is "Timothy Wright." (Could the latter be about the late gospel singer? Cool.) According to [...]

Reviewed: The Evens at Fort Reno

Last night the Evens played at Fort Reno, and it was everything you'd expect.
The park was packed with gamboling dogs, babies, and their minders. Henry Rollins made an appearance. A few young punks thrashed their arms around, but three times as many dads stood in front of the stage with kids on their shoulders. Ian [...]