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The Best Photography Exhibits of 2011

Locally, the past year has been a good one for two types of photography—landscape work and documentary. It's also been notable for several smart shows at the American University Museum and Goethe-Institut, but the sad closing of a venerable venue of good photography, Bethesda's Fraser Gallery. Here's my list of the 10 best photographic exhibits in [...]

Reviewed: Louise Rosskam Retrospective at the American University Museum

Louise Rosskam isn’t as well-known as her 1930s and 1940s contemporaries in documentary photography, but this posthumous retrospective revives an unjustly overlooked career. Working largely in black and white, Rosskam and her husband, Edwin, took deep forays into Depression-era America and Puerto Rico, as well as chronicling the education of poor children during the 1960s. [...]

Reviewed: Wayne Barrar at the American University Museum

Many of Wayne Barrar’s photographs seem utterly routine. A row of urinals. A cluster of cubicles. An office break room. But look closely and you’ll notice seemingly random eruptions of rock into the spaces he’s photographing, like melted marshmallow tumbling out of a S’more. There’s a reason for that: These mundane office spaces are all [...]

Reviewed: Marisa Baumgartner and Julie Linowes at the American University Museum

Rarely have exhibit and venue been as perfectly matched as Marisa Baumgartner and the American University Museum. Her exhibit “Grand Avenues” scrutinizes—to the point of obsession—the traffic circles of Washington, D.C., from the famous (Dupont) to the obscure (the one without a name at 16th Street  in Silver Spring). Not only is the exhibit space [...]

“You Have to Look!”: Elisabeth French on Her Massive Collection

"I never thought of myself as a collector" says Elisabeth French.
"Duncan Phillips was really what I would call a collector," she says. "Duncan had a real philosophy about art. I don't! I mean: Look!" She gestures to her collection, currently on exhibit in the American University Museum. Acquired over the last five decades, the collection [...]