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Arts Roundup: Pink Edition

American Institute of Architects will "vigorously oppose" bill that slaps down the Gehry-designed Eisenhower Memorial. [WJLA]
Chicago and Honolulu jockey for President Obama's presidential library. [WJLA]
Shakespeare Theatre plumps up its 2013-14 season. [Post]
Cathy Lanier spotted at Pink concert—reportedly with teens. [Post]

Top 10 Local Photography Exhibits of 2012

Maybe it’s the national malaise, or maybe it’s just coincidence, but many of the finest photographic exhibits in Washington in 2012 have been meditations on loss—the Holocaust, extinct empires, far-away wars, hardscrabble young adulthoods, urban ruins and funerary rites.
Here’s one critic’s choice of the 10 best photographic exhibits of the year. Four of the 10 [...]

Reviewed: Maxwell MacKenzie at the American Institute of Architects

A little more than two years ago, I lamented that the most recent exhibit by D.C.-based architectural and landscape photographer Maxwell MacKenzie wasn’t all that different from his last, breaking a pattern of consistent visual and thematic reinvention over the previous decade. I can now report that MacKenzie’s new exhibition does indeed aim for new [...]

The Best Photographic Images of 2011

Sometimes an exhibit is great in its entirety; sometimes one particular piece rises well above the rest of the exhibit. The images below fall into the latter category. Together, they constitute the 10 best photographic images of 2011, at least in this reviewer's opinion.
1. Harry Callahan, “Telephone Wires,” National Gallery of Art. The National Gallery [...]

The Best Photography Exhibits of 2011

Locally, the past year has been a good one for two types of photography—landscape work and documentary. It's also been notable for several smart shows at the American University Museum and Goethe-Institut, but the sad closing of a venerable venue of good photography, Bethesda's Fraser Gallery. Here's my list of the 10 best photographic exhibits in [...]

Reviewed: Kenneth M. Wyner at the American Institute of Architects

There’s a pretty easy way to distinguish the best works in “The Structure of Spirit, Design of the Heart,” a sprawling exhibit at the American Institute of Architects by longtime Washington photographer Kenneth M. Wyner. If you see any furniture or recognize any interior decoration, move on. If you see office space, run in the [...]